The story of how our founders first met.

Pieoneers co-founders Olena and Andrew first met in person over coffee and hot chocolate at a cafe in Kiev. After working for the same software firm for some time but in different locations, they came together for a project and hit it off instantly. The two quickly discovered they had mutual aspirations for creating new and better ways to serve their clients’ needs.

Sharing like-minded principles and values gave them the confidence to go into business together after only three meetings. With a logo sketch on a napkin, and their first client already in hand, the Pieoneers brand was born and its initial website live within four weeks.


Shortly after conception, Olena moved to Canada and the two kept their business going long-distance for two years before Andrew decided to join her in Vancouver. Often mistaken for a romantic couple, the business partners live next door to each other on Burnaby Mountain with their respective wives and now, Olena’s three children.

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