In their annual report of the top performing digital agencies, Clutch decided to do something a little different this year, by highlighting the 1,000 absolute best companies featured globally on their platform. We’re happy to announce that our team has been nominated!


In their evaluation of our team’s proficiency as web designers and developers, Clutch takes into account over a dozen factors such as: clientele, market presence, and industry recognition. Most importantly, Clutch also conducts client interviews to add to their ranking. We are grateful that several of our clients spoke to Clutch over the phone and provided a firsthand account of our collaborations. Here are some client reviews from our Clutch profile:

“Pieoneers has made it look fantastic. Everything works, people are happy with the site, and we've received great feedback..they helped us figure out what our user experience should be in terms of strategy.”

“The project manager has been a fantastic resource in terms of defining the scope and identifying particular challenges along the way… they're also able to provide marketing expertise, which has made them particularly valuable to us!”

Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, also featured Pieoneers on their list of the top web designers in Canada. The Manifest is a resource that provides industry reports, how-to-guides, and lists of top service providers across various industries.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported our team over the years, we are so grateful to have made the 2018 Clutch 1000!

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