GameSheet Inc.

Scorekeeping, stats reporting and league management has never been easier. We've created the future of sports software.

GameSheet Inc. is founded by a small group of passionate hockey dads aiming to transform the minor sports market with a product that takes record keeping out of the stone age. The founders are avid volunteers in their local sports community and through close consultation, we've helped them create a product that will benefit volunteers, kids and parents across the country.

"We needed development work for our system. We didn’t have the technical skills here to do any of the hard coding... [Pieoneers] helped us develop our solution from scratch."

Rich Berman, Co-Founder at GameSheet Inc.​

For nearly as long as the game has been played, the stats for each game have been recorded on carbon copy paper and mailed to league officials for review and filing.

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GameSheet is turning that on its head with their iPad and Web based platform which allows complete game data to be recorded in real-time and sent instantly to league officials.

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Statistics are generated and shared with league and team websites, parents can follow along with stand-alone Android and iPhone apps and all of the important game data — including official signatures — is stored safely and securely in the cloud.

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The completely revamped administrative website is vastly more user friendly thanks to dashboards and workflows tuned specifically for each type of league official (coach, manager, referee, convenor, director).

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Services Rendered

  • Technical Architecture
  • UX & Visual Design
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Django Development
  • Front-end Development (HTML, SASS, React)
  • Database Optimization
  • Advanced Container Based Deployment
  • Automated Logging
  • iOS App Development (Native Obj-C)
  • Apple Enterprise Deployment via MDM
  • Android App Development (Native Java)
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Pieoneers helped GameSheet secure the ETA Hockey Association which is one of the largest associations in the country.

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The new web app architecture allows GameSheet to save money by combining dozens of micro sites into a single integrated system.

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The new code base is clean, modern and more cost effective to maintain.

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The Docker based deployment system makes onboarding new developers painless and improves the robustness of development, QA testing and deployment.

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The new stats widget loads almost instantly versus up to 30 seconds before. This change alone made a substantial difference in GameSheet Inc. reputation as a market leader.

"We have been thoroughly impressed by Pieoneers. They've been a very knowledgeable and reliable resource."

Rich Berman, Co-Founder at GameSheet Inc.​