Updates on our mobile & web development, UX, UI and responsive design. Thoughts on web design and a few things we love: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Python, Django, Erlang, iOS, Android, Docker, Kubernetes & more.

A quick guide to JavaScript

JavaScript quick guide

An introduction to JavaScript and how this powerful programming language can make your next website or mobile app modern, competitive, and successful!

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GameSheet V3


Developing a completely new system for V3, in React, Node.js, Swift, Go Lang, Postgres, Vue, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes, allows GameSheet to serve a higher user-load with maximum speed.

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Standout Software Developers

Pieoneers logo on laptop-730-410

Software development is essentially about people and teams of people. Humans are the ones using the software, so it should make your life easier or benefit you in some way. Pieoneers is focused on people first, coding comes second. We achieve our user-centered approach through a variety of channels.

They can help fulfill any complex technological need and assist on product strategies and user experience. Nathan Slee, Founder Progressa Financial Services

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The Designer Difference:

Why hiring a professional designer to create your brand matters

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Packaging your high tech app requires a coordinated branding effort; with fonts, colours and a logo that all work together. The advantage of hiring a professional designer to develop your brand is that they are trained to see things you and I just won’t. They also have years of experience, which allows them to stay ten steps ahead and plan efficiently.

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To the Moon in 7 weeks!

artwork beresheet

Before joining team Pieoneers, our Creative Copywriter, Jane worked on a music video that is now heading on a rocket for the moon.

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What is SEO really?


Search Engine Optimization is a popular buzzword nowadays, everyone is talking about it, everyone wants it. But how do you know if you really have it? And how do you know when it’s working? Our simple guide will help walk you through the key steps you need to consider while setting up SEO for your brand, product or website.

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The Pieoneers Promise

Frame (2)

What they’ve done is give me direction around running my business for the short and long term. Nicholas Simpson, Strength and Conditioning Coach in Alberta, Canada

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Where to begin


Whenever we begin a new marketing project, it’s common feel a bit overwhelmed. When you feel like you’ve got so much on the line, working with this level of uncertainty will usually make most people feel just a little bit uncomfortable. Like it or lump it, we have to start somewhere. Here’s how we begin a project from scratch.

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Start with a Flight Plan


Our Flight Plan phase helps prepare individuals and organizations for the challenge of designing, building and marketing their digital product. You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints, likewise starting your app development project before outlining a detailed plan is bound to bring some unexpected hiccups along the way.

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Company Culture

IMG 1943 2

Our cross-continental roots have led to a unique business model where team members collaborate digitally from all corners of the globe. Our distributed model gives us an edge on efficiency; with developers ten time zones ahead, project managers wake up to fresh ideas and can pass on feedback to be implemented overnight. This creates a minimum time-lag for bug fixes and platform maintenance.

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Working together

WildBlubeberry 102017-35

At Pieoneers designers are developers and project managers are business strategists. Breaking down the barriers between departments allows for graceful information flow; designing products that are smoothe to implement while losing nothing in translation.

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What’s with the “e” in Pieoneers?

logo-pieoneers qurves-03

The name Pieoneers draws on the elegance, simplicity and mystery of two famous irrational numbers: Pi and e. So-called “irrational” numbers are those whose decimal points continue on forever, seemingly with no discernable direction or pattern. When placed into an equation; however, everything changes; irrational numbers such as Pi and e generate beautiful results; transforming what seemed to be a random distribution of digits into something as simple and elegant as a circle.

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Getting to know Pieoneers

The story of how our founders first met.


Pieoneers co-founders Olena and Andrew first met in person over coffee and hot chocolate at a cafe in Kiev. After working for the same software firm for some time but in different locations, they came together for a project and hit it off instantly. The two quickly discovered they had mutual aspirations for creating new and better ways to serve their clients’ needs.

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