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Updates on our mobile & web development, UX, UI and responsive design. Thoughts on web design and a few things we love: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Python, Django, Erlang, iOS, Android, Docker, Kubernetes & more.

The DRH Conference, Vancouver, BC brining together historians, academics and researchers from leading universities

Logos of universities on the DRH conference background

Logos of universities whose representatives attended the conference including NYU, LSE, UBC, SFU, ASU, the Citadel, Stanford, Cambridge, and Berkeley

The DRH conference took place August 29-31, 2022, in Vancouver, BC at the Fairmont Waterfront building. DRH stands for the Database of Religious History. Academics and researchers from the top universities attended the conference to share their knowledge and experience contributing to the Database of Religious History platform.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Firebase as a Backend for Your Health and Wellness App


The health and wellness apps market is booming with new users joining every day. The rise of the “connected self” has enabled users to monitor their fitness, diet, and stress levels through various mobile apps that track those metrics. With so many apps available in this space, it can be challenging for developers to stand out from the crowd.

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HASURA: GraphQL API that saves time


As a software developer company always on look out for the best of the best to bring to the table for our clients, Pieoneers can wholeheartedly attest that Hasura is one of prime tools for modern solutions.

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Pioneering Firebase: rapid development with BaaS from Google


Backed up by Google, Firebase boasts robust functionality, has a long list of APIs and provides in-depth analytics of your application’s performance. As Pieoneers’ team can attest, it is exactly the kind of platform you expect to get when you hear Backend As A Service and Google in one sentence.

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Pieoneers Thrives at GoodFirms as Olena Tkhorovska & Her Expert Team Offers High Performance Digital Solutions

Olena's interview by GoodFirms

Rich in exhibiting web & mobile app development services, Pieoneers commenced in 2009 is based in Vancouver. At Pieoneers, the professionals work with established businesses and ambitious startups in the US and Canada. All of the applications are reinforced with inherent user-experiences, beautiful interfaces, and a state of the art design. With more than ten years of industry knowledge, the experts ensure that they're equipped and up-to-date with all the latest advanced technologies. In addition to the comprehensive tech stack, the professionals offer strategic marketing & branding services to help the clients reach the right audiences at optimal speed. The company comprises expert designers, developers, and strategists who have developed and launched 40+ projects. The clients appreciate most about working with the experts at Pieoneers is because of their desire to go beyond anticipated project deliverables and assure that products bring the right audiences, strike set goals, and uncover new possibilities along the way.

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Kubernetes vs. Docker: Why So Binary?

Kubernetes vs Docker

Plays within the Play

Like The Matrix, the world of computing isn’t actually visible in the gritty, resource-hungry real world. When we see a web page load on a screen, it doesn’t matter if we access that virtual world from a barely-functioning laptop, a late model smartphone, or a massive-screened computing colossus used to render modern blockbuster games and movies. Each device is a window into the world that the content lives in. And that world is not permanently fixed in size or features.

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How Docker Aids Legacy Ruby on Rails Applications

Sosido Article Illustration

At the beginning of 2020, Tanis Steward, CEO of Sosido Networks Inc, asked Pieoneers to update Sosido’s aging Ruby on Rails application. The dated Ruby 2.3.1 stack the application was based on was no longer supported by the hosting platform Heroku.

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Flutter versus React Native: Mobile Application Frameworks Make Cross-Platform Development Possible

React Native vs Flutter

Modern mobile application development is often hampered by the options available for the platforms available. Will your application be intended for iOS, or Android? Both, plus desktop web browsers? What versions? What specific devices? How long do you intend to support the application, and what does this mean for the limitations and maintenance of your desired application? These questions and their answers have a serious effect on the potential for any application’s success in the marketplace, and the amount of effort that development teams have to put into creating and maintaining a successful application in the wild.

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Kotlin vs. Java

Kotlin Vs Java (front pic)

So, what’s the big deal with Kotlin versus Java? Java, the object-oriented language created by Sun Microsystems at the end of the 20th century, has embedded itself throughout virtually all areas of the world’s technology infrastructure in those two decades. Java, Java Beans, Java Virtual Machines, JavaScript, and all those .js libraries out there have permeated technology implementations in virtually every economic sector and every technology platform. But every success plants the seeds of its own failure. Things get old. Stale. Not pleasant to deal with, as the world changes around the fading technology star. From such ground Kotlin was born.

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How Do I Build Up My Technical Infrastructure During the COVID-19 Web Traffic Surge?


These are challenging times, while many businesses are struggling to stay afloat others, as essential services, are seeing a huge surge in traffic. Many necessary websites are down and in need of upgrades to their technical architecture and others are requiring to amend services to be able to continue to offer them while practicing social distancing. What are the top 3 things I can do to manage this surge?

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Help! I Need Tech Advice for my Business

How can I transition my offline business to offering more products and services online?


Many offline businesses are struggling right now with modifying their business plan to go online during the Coronavirus crisis.

Pieoneers asks: how can we as the tech community help?

Olena Tkhorovska

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How to Run a Successful UX Workshop

RST- Olena on the workshop

User Experience workshops are a critical part of the planning stage for any app development project. The process helps development teams determine release priorities and generate realistic timelines, while the client is able to strategically assess which features your users absolutely cannot live without and how these features fit into the larger project goal. The workshop process can vary in complexity and take anywhere from an afternoon to a full week design sprint; it’s completely tailored to your needs. With innumerable approaches on how to initiate product work, here is a brief outline of the most basic nuts and bolt elements that go into creating a successful UX Design Workshop.

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A quick guide to JavaScript

JavaScript quick guide

An introduction to JavaScript and how this powerful programming language can make your next website or mobile app modern, competitive, and successful!

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GameSheet V3


Developing a completely new system for V3, in React, Node.js, Swift, Go Lang, Postgres, Vue, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes, allows GameSheet to serve a higher user-load with maximum speed.

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Standout Software Developers

Pieoneers logo on laptop-730-410

Software development is essentially about people and teams of people. Humans are the ones using the software, so it should make your life easier or benefit you in some way. Pieoneers is focused on people first, coding comes second. We achieve our user-centered approach through a variety of channels.

They can help fulfill any complex technological need and assist on product strategies and user experience.

Nathan Slee, Founder Progressa Financial Services

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The Designer Difference:

Why hiring a professional designer to create your brand matters


Packaging your high tech app requires a coordinated branding effort; with fonts, colours and a logo that all work together. The advantage of hiring a professional designer to develop your brand is that they are trained to see things you and I just won’t. They also have years of experience, which allows them to stay ten steps ahead and plan efficiently.

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To the Moon in 7 weeks!

artwork beresheet

Before joining team Pieoneers, our Creative Copywriter, Jane worked on a music video that is now heading on a rocket for the moon.

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What is SEO Really?


Search Engine Optimization is a popular buzzword nowadays, everyone is talking about it, everyone wants it. But how do you know if you really have it? And how do you know when it’s working? Our simple guide will help walk you through the key steps you need to consider while setting up SEO for your brand, product or website.

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The Pieoneers Promise


What they’ve done is give me direction around running my business for the short and long term.

Nicholas Simpson, Strength and Conditioning Coach in Alberta, Canada

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Where to Begin


Whenever we begin a new marketing project, it’s common feel a bit overwhelmed. When you feel like you’ve got so much on the line, working with this level of uncertainty will usually make most people feel just a little bit uncomfortable. Like it or lump it, we have to start somewhere. Here’s how we begin a project from scratch.

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Start with a Flight Plan

Start With A Plan

Our Flight Plan phase helps prepare individuals and organizations for the challenge of designing, building and marketing their digital product. You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints, likewise starting your app development project before outlining a detailed plan is bound to bring some unexpected hiccups along the way.

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Company Culture


Our cross-continental roots have led to a unique business model where team members collaborate digitally from all corners of the globe. Our distributed model gives us an edge on efficiency; with developers ten time zones ahead, project managers wake up to fresh ideas and can pass on feedback to be implemented overnight. This creates a minimum time-lag for bug fixes and platform maintenance.

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