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Pieoneers creates high-performance iOS and Android mobile apps. With strong technical expertise in native and cross-platform mobile applications, our developers help you choose the optimal platform on which to launch your app.

Intuitive interfaces with user-centric design make navigating your application easy. By designing the best possible experiences, with you and your customers in mind, we help your business succeed and grow.

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iOS App

Pieoneers builds unique apps for iOS systems, securing the best user experience for your customer journey. Working with startups and established enterprises, we investigate your workflow to develop apps which correspond to your company’s values and vision.

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Android App

Pieoneers is one of the best companies in Canada to develop your Android apps. We hold more than a decade of expertise building apps across various industries: fintech, logistics, education, sports, entertainment, retail, construction, health and more.

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Our Mobile App Development Expertise




We create elegant and efficient iPhone and iPad apps that your customers will love. Apple is constantly improving the tools available to iOS app developers and we stay up to speed with the newest technology to help set you ahead of your competitors. Our extensive experience with the Swift language ensures your app keeps up with all the core trends, like near-field communication and augmented reality, and that it seamlessly integrates with the Apple Watch and Apple Pay.




We build stylish and dynamic Android apps that provide your customers with the high-end experience they expect, using our deep knowledge of the Kotlin language, Android SDK, and more. Google’s technology and tools are evolving at a fast pace, enabling Android developers to create increasingly cutting edge applications. We take pride in making sure your Android app leads the way, and works flawlessly with Android Pay and the Android Watch.

React Native

React Native


If you’re looking for an app that your customers can enjoy on either operating system, we build powerful cross-platform applications that work across both Apple and Google devices. Our team leverages their knowledge of native iOS and Android development to create products that provide a great look and feel on either system, whilst using their expertise in Microsoft’s Xamarin tool to ensure maximum functionality across all platforms.




Flutter is a mobile app development software toolkit from Google. Flutter works well with both native iOS and Android and also enables smooth and easy cross platform app development. Fast and reliable, the software language is known for it’s beautiful user interface development across all mobile platforms. As a new technology, Pieoneers prides itself on being at the forefront in early adoption and application of Flutter in our mobile app development projects.




Xamarin is a powerful open-source language for native and cross-platform mobile app development from Microsoft. As a new tool, Xamarin has already won the hearts of millions of developers due to its speed and convenience. Find out if Xamarin is the right programming language for your mobile app development project by talking with one of our experts.




A popular platform for creating games, Unity is also great for mobile app development. Some of the pros of using Unity for non-game-related app development are: a rapid development process, cross-platform capability, and a host of powerful features. Unity is a great choice for visual-heavy projects that require complex graphics or 3D elements. Known for our engaging user interfaces, Pieoneers enjoys working with Unity to bring you innovative app ideas to life!

Top Mobile Apps by Programming Language

Programming Language / FrameworkTop Mobile Apps
Swift IconSwiftUber, Lyft, Slack, Asana, Facebook Messenger
Objective-C IconObjective-CInstagram, Pinterest, Instacart, Snapchat
Kotlin LogoKotlinEvernote, Coursera, Pivotal, Trello, Basecamp, Square
Java IconJavaSpotify, Twitter, Cash App, Signal
React IconReact NativeFacebook, Uber Eats, Walmart, Tesla
Flutter LogoFlutterGoogle, Alibaba, Tencent, Google Ads, Abbey Road Studios
Xamarin LogoXamarinUPS, American Airlines, American Cancer Society, BBVA

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Mobile App Development Projects we’ve Delivered

Developed by Pieoneers, the GameSheet dashboard lets league administrators review game sheets, manage rosters, check stats & standings, gain insights through reports, and more.

The Workrise mobile app tracks user-happiness by checking-in, and asking relevant questions throughout the day. An advanced algorithm analyzes the data and makes personalized recommendations, aimed at improving individual health and wellbeing.

Our Native iPhone app connects with the ProSmart Learning Platform and provides access to interactive coaching tools, progressive instructional videos, animated practice plans, integrative team communications and more.

A mobile-first design, allows Seaspan users to review critical information and sign-off on key decisions instantaneously via iPhone or iPad app. The app is an essential tool for Seaspan employees, who are regularly making on-the-spot decisions.

To help organizers host a successful TEDx event in our founder’s home city of Kyiv, we worked with designer Dmytro Babych and developed a full-featured website and mobile experience.

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Mobile App Development FAQs

These days many people operate regularly on their mobile phones: for business, shopping, staying healthy, communicating, and mapping. Building a custom application for your business is vital in today’s marketplace for you to serve your customers efficiently. Find out how a custom application from Pieoneers can upgrade your business process – give us a call!

The short answer is it all depends on the complexity of your project. Pieoneers’ nimble and efficient team structure allows us to take on any size app development project based on your vision and needs. Book a consultation with us for an estimate for your web or mobile app idea.

Upon completion, all source code developed for your project belongs to you. During the development phase, the ownership of the code is gradually transferred over from us to you with each paid iteration. In cases of prepaid project work, all code developed for the project belongs to you from the start.

The development process for each app is customized to your business needs. Pieoneers offers support and maintenance services for long-term projects. Branding revamps, user interface redesign, and feature updates can be planned in advance to align with your marketing deadlines.

We develop native iOS and Android apps as well as cross-platform applications using React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin. Scroll up to see more of our mobile application offerings.

Again this answer depends on the complexity of your project. Large database systems can take up to more than a year with several sequential different feature launches. Some clients stay on with us long-term, for continuous updates. For a simple mobile app it may only take a month or two. Book a chat with us to find out more about your specific project estimate.

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