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Our SEO experts work closely with our tech and design teams to provide comprehensive solutions on how to deliver SEO friendly websites. We create a detailed SEO strategy, taking into account the state of your on-site, off-site and tech SEO.

Pieoneers SEO specialists focus on keyword research, quality website content, backlink building and crosslinking. Pieoneers makes sure your website has clear content and layout, in a way it is easily rendered by Googlebot. We keep an eye on the updates to Google’s algorithms, so our clients can improve their reach from the latest trends. Pieoneers conducts extensive market research to outline detailed marketing campaigns, which attract traffic and generate leads with high levels of conversion. We will track the campaign’s progress through transparent metrics reporting, and make sure the defined SEO strategy is proved to be efficient.

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SEO strategy

SEO strategy

Pieoneers develops a comprehensive SEO strategy, consisting of clear steps for on-site, off-site and technical SEO. We create a unique SEO strategy that expands your market reach.



By conducting market analysis and following the latest trends in the client’s industry, Pieoneers identifies opportunities to score higher than your competitors and get to the top ranking in any Google search.



Pieoneers provides comprehensive measures of website performance, on desktop and mobile. We make sure your SEO performance is under control in terms of content, speed and technical issues.

Tech SEO

Tech SEO

Tech SEO takes care of the website architecture, optimization for mobile and page speed that have a great impact on your site’s visibility. Pieoneers makes sure there are no broken links, redirects and missing pages on the website.

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The key places to put the keywords for SEO are page titles, subheadings, meta descriptions, images, URLs and content. But be careful to avoid keyword-stuffed content, which can result in Google penalties. It is better to put keywords in the first sentences or paragraphs, using variations throughout your content.

Crawling is the process of examining the code and content for each URL on the website by Googlebot. Through fetching and exploring the links, content is further indexed and ranked by Google’s search algorithms.

The goal of SEO is to optimise your website for high ranking in search results. Search engines investigate the web by crawling: looking through the code and content for each URL found; the pages are then indexed, meaning collected and stored in the Google database; finally, the pages are ranked from the most to the least relevant to the search query. Pieoneers make sure your web pages are optimised in a way that guarantee top ranking results.

Black hat SEO is an unethical practice that violates search engine guidelines in order to get a website to higher rankings. Black hat methods include keyword stuffing, cloaking and usage of links from private networks. In the majority of cases, such activities result in penalties from search engines. In extreme circumstances, they can get a website taken down. Black hat techniques are a moving target of high priority for search engines, so using such techniques wastes the resources of people who use them.

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