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Pieoneers is one of the best companies in Canada to develop your desired Android apps. We hold more than a decade of expertise building apps across various industries, including fintech, logistics, education, sports, entertainment, retail, construction, and health. Our developers create customized Android apps that bring your customers’ smooth and effortless user experiences, through our engaging design process. We implement the latest technology to build fast, secure and reliable Android apps. 

At Pieoneers, we strive for perfection; making each app reflect the value it brings to the end-users. Our process meshes functionality, design, and a seamless user experience. Our priority is to develop your ideal Android application aligned to your business vision and goals. From carving out the specifics of an idea to launching your Android app on the Play Store, our team takes care of every detail. Pieoneers monitors your Android app after launch, facilitating updates and improving performance.

Whether you want to create an Android app from scratch or improve an existing one, we are ready to provide you with a comprehensive, time and cost-effective web solution. We help you launch high-end Android apps that drive your business success.

Our Android App Development Expertise



Kotlin is proven to be the most efficient programming language for Android app development. Utilizing the benefits of Kotlin’s latest technology, our engineers build fast, secure and innovative Android apps, taking user experience to a whole new level.

App Design

App Design

Pieoneers takes pride in building beautiful and elegant Android apps. Our Android app design team creates an exceptional user interface (UI) that aligns with and builds on your brand identity and business needs. We follow a user-centered design approach to provide effortless user experience for your customers.

Java Porting to Kotlin

Java Porting to Kotlin

Pieoneers’ tech team is experienced in migrating Java-based apps to Kotlin, which provides smooth operation of your Android app. Future pay-offs of using Kotlin vs. Java include lower maintenance costs and a faster development process.

Most Popular Categories in the Google Play Store by Number of Downloads

CategoryNumber of downloads (in millions)

Most Popular Google Play Store Apps by Category

CategoryShare of available apps
Games13.35 %
Education8.95 %

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Android App Development FAQs

Android Native development kit (NDK) is a set of instruments that enables usage of C and C++ code with Android. NDK can be used to improve application performance by means of using native code for the processor-intensive tasks. Think of having native code as instructions that the Android device’s hardware can happily take and follow super efficiently, instead of having to decipher from another language.

Android native development kit (NDK) and Android software development kit (SDK) comprise all necessary tools for Android development, such as adb, fastboot, sys trace, etc. to engage with the Android platform.

Yes, our experts provide full assistance in uploading your Android app to the Play store.

Kotlin permits the production of modern and effective code, which is easier to maintain and debug compared to other programming languages. Safety and low-maintenance costs are the biggest advantages of Kotlin.

Kotlin is compatible with all devices that run on the Android operating system: smartphones, tablets, TV, and wearables.

Android App Development Posts

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React Native vs Flutter

Modern mobile application development is often hampered by the options available for the platforms available. Will your application be intended for iOS, or Android? Both, plus desktop web browsers? What versions? What specific devices? How long do you intend to support the application, and what does this mean for the limitations and maintenance of your desired application? These questions and their answers have a serious effect on the potential for any application’s success in the marketplace, and the amount of effort that development teams have to put into creating and maintaining a successful application in the wild.

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Kotlin vs. Java

Kotlin Vs Java (front pic)

So, what’s the big deal with Kotlin versus Java? Java, the object-oriented language created by Sun Microsystems at the end of the 20th century, has embedded itself throughout virtually all areas of the world’s technology infrastructure in those two decades. Java, Java Beans, Java Virtual Machines, JavaScript, and all those .js libraries out there have permeated technology implementations in virtually every economic sector and every technology platform. But every success plants the seeds of its own failure. Things get old. Stale. Not pleasant to deal with, as the world changes around the fading technology star. From such ground Kotlin was born.

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