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Company Culture

Written by
Jane Friedmann
Jane Friedmann
on December 5th, 2018

What makes working with Pieoneers great?


We get around

Our cross-continental roots have led to a unique business model where team members collaborate digitally from all corners of the globe. Our distributed model gives us an edge on efficiency; with developers ten time zones ahead, project managers wake up to fresh ideas and can pass on feedback to be implemented overnight. This creates a minimum time-lag for bug fixes and platform maintenance.

We share our space

Home offices and co-work spaces save on overhead costs and commute times, while a digitally based business also means our team members get to spend more time with their families.

We're flexible

Work-life balance, and unparalleled flexibility to fit our client’s schedules, sets Pieoneers apart as a leading web & mobile app development studio with cutting-edge tech and standout customer service.

YouTube video about our company culture.

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Jane Friedmann

Jane Friedmann

Marketing Strategist