How can I transition my offline business to offering more products and services online?

Many offline businesses are struggling right now with modifying their business plan to go online during the Coronavirus crisis.

Pieoneers asks: how can we as the tech community help?

Olena Tkhorovska

Every type of business has their own unique set of challenges, and many don’t know where to turn in this time of crisis. Ads abound with so-called experts offering 10-minute solutions or strategies for taking your business online but oftentimes it is better to keep your money until you’ve developed a solid business strategy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options and need an expert to unpack your ideas with you we are here to help.

The Knowledge Gap: Many business owners lack the expertise to make tough decisions about how to reallocate resources during this time and require expert support.

During this crisis Pieoneers is offering Free 1-hour online consultations with our experts. There are 5 spots available per week, please send requests via our online contact form.

In addition, If you are an organization that is doing something to help, let us know so we can add you to our list and help spread the word.


1-h free consultation / 5 spots per week / Reach out to book your spot today

We saw this Nanaimo company offering support, how can we launch similar initiatives here in Vancouver?

Going online: Inputcowork