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New era of GPT development: create your own GPT and publish it to OpenAI’s GPT Store

Written byGene DolzhenkoGene Dolzhenko on November 8th, 2023

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OpenAI’s new GPT Store is a game-changer. It unlocks the potential to create and publish custom GPTs. A world of tailored AI is responsibly crafted and user-inspired.

Explore the world of custom AI chatbots with OpenAI's innovative platform, where users can both create and sell their unique ChatGPT models in a new online marketplace.

Build a custom GPT

Empower yourself with a new user-friendly tool that enables seamless development and customization of chatbots. Simply input a set of instructions, and watch as the tool generates your personalized GPT. Take your creation for a test run in the preview pane, interacting with it through questions and evaluating its responses.

Once satisfied with the performance, easily publish and share your bot with a global audience.

Publish to GPT Store

OpenAI introduces the GPT Store, a curated marketplace featuring bots crafted by verified builders. Users can effortlessly discover custom GPTs by searching or exploring specific categories, enhancing their AI experience.

OpenAI GPT Store

OpenAI GPT Store

Builders also have the opportunity to monetize their creations based on user engagement. While specifics on payout structures remain undisclosed, OpenAI is poised to revolutionize the landscape of AI development.

Advanced users can leverage OpenAI's API toolkit to connect GPTs with external sources, such as email accounts or databases.

Rules and Restrictions

OpenAI establishes clear guidelines to maintain a responsible and safe environment. Users are prohibited from creating bots with adult themes, and OpenAI actively monitors and blocks any attempts to disseminate scam or hateful content.

Paying customers gain access to a tailor-made ChatGPT, offering assistance with specific tasks both at home and in the office. Whether it's learning a board game, aiding with math homework, or designing stickers, the possibilities are vast.

Concerning privacy, public chats with GPTs remain confidential, safeguarding user interactions. While creators retain privacy, they have the option to contribute data to OpenAI, supporting continuous improvement and training of the company's AI models.

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Gene Dolzhenko

Gene Dolzhenko

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