At Pieoneers, we love getting to know our clients. But what about us? Well, allow us to introduce our co-founders Olena Tkhorovska and Andrew Manshin.

Olena and Andrew first met over coffee and hot chocolate at a cafe in Kyiv, Ukraine, where they worked for the same software company.

Usually, they worked remotely, from different locations, but when they met up in person to collaborate on a project together, they hit it off instantly.

They quickly discovered they shared similar values and principles, and both aspired to create new and better ways to serve their clients’ needs.

So, after only three meetings together, with a logo sketched on a napkin and their first client already in hand, they went into business together.


The Pieoneers web and mobile app development company was born, our first website went live in just four weeks, and we've been going strong ever since.

Soon after launch, Olena moved to Vancouver, Canada, but she and Andrew kept the business going long-distance. Two years later, Andrew moved to Vancouver too.

Now several years on, Olena and Andrew live next door to each other on Burnaby Mountain with their respective wives and Olena’s three children.

And, although they are often mistaken for a romantic couple, they still insist on having meetings in cafes over coffee and hot chocolate!