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Our team: Tailoring our talents to your success

Written byJane FriedmannJane Friedmann on November 30th, 2018

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At Pieoneers, we understand the complete web and mobile app development journey, from research to design, from development to implementation.

We believe that throughout the process, it's essential that all stages and aspects of the project are considered.

That's why we are breaking down barriers between departments. Our designers are developers and our project managers are business strategists.

This not only allows for the graceful flow of information, it means we design products that are smooth to implement, while losing nothing in translation.

We also understand that our clients are all different. Their businesses are different. Their projects are different. Their needs are different.

That's why we reconfigure our team for each project, adding designers and developers to fulfil each client's unique needs.

The project was very fluid, and the Pieoneers team remained highly flexible and professional. It was well done all around.

Ty Summach, CEO at ProSmart Sports Development, Inc.​ (E-Learning)

Our dedicated experts collaborate fully with you and your team, working together to leverage complementary skills sets and synchronize decision-making.

We consult on everything from project planning and product development, to marketing, branding, and short- and long-term technology strategy.

Ultimately, we know this flexible, collaborative approach works, and together, we can make sure your project gets the success it deserves.

Now that you know how we work, we want to hear from you.

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Jane Friedmann

Jane Friedmann

Marketing Strategist