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Securing the Future: Leveraging AI and Cybersecurity Insights from the iTech Conference for Agile Business Growth

Written by
Olena Tkhorovska
Olena Tkhorovska
on November 30th, 2023

Pieonners CEO Olena Tkhorovska at the iTech 2023 conference in Vancouver

The iTech conference presented a compelling confluence of expertise and forward-thinking, an event that I found both professionally enriching and strategically important. It was great to meet prominent companies like Cloudflare, IBM, and Vasion. They offered nuanced insights, reinforcing the need for agile adaptation within our digital ecosystems.


iTech 2023 IT Conference Entrance

The sessions conducted by authorities like Anthony Green, Simon Duchene, Todd McLaughlin, and Bino Gopal provided a distilled synthesis of complex topics, from cloud infrastructure to cybersecurity, imparting strategic wisdom that resonates with the prudence required to navigate today's dynamic tech landscape. It was a privilege to participate in these discussions on innovation and foresight.

Bino Gopal: Internet Threat Radar - The Current Cyber Threat Landscape


Bino Gopal, Principal Solutions Architect at Cloudflare

Bino Gopal, a seasoned expert from Cloudflare, delivered an insightful presentation on the evolving cyber threats that businesses face in the digital age. Drawing on his vast experience in computer networking and his technical advocacy at Cloudflare, he offered a deep dive into the latest DDoS, API, and application attacks, detailing how Cloudflare's network, protecting a significant portion of internet applications, counters these challenges.

Key Talking Points:

Digital Transformation Support: Emphasized Cloudflare's comprehensive services that support digital transformation, including secure hybrid work environments and application performance enhancement.

Protection Strategies: Outlined strategies for safeguarding customer-facing apps and network infrastructures, including Zero Trust Network Access and advanced firewall solutions.

DNS Laundering DDoS Attacks: Introduced the concept of DNS laundering DDoS attacks and how they can overwhelm systems, stressing the need for robust protection measures.

Lessons Learned:

  • The shift from phishing protection to more sophisticated ML-powered Web Application Firewalls (WAF).
  • The growing importance of API security for the future.
  • The fast pace of secure authentication methods.
  • The regulatory pressures driving corporate governance in cybersecurity.

Cloudflare's Role: Presented Cloudflare as an integral player in digital transformation, offering a range of services from CDN, smart routing, load balancing to advanced security features like DDoS protection and bot management.

Todd McLauchlin: From Buzzword to Reality - Digitization and Its Impact on Business Continuity


Todd McLauchlin, Director of Commercial Sales at PrinterLogic by Vasion

Todd McLauchlin's session addressed the pressing issue many legacy systems in businesses face today. He highlighted the challenges of outdated physical document processes, which are prone to errors and often result in a lack of personalized customer experiences. The manual methods that companies have traditionally relied on are less productive and resistant to change due to their deep-rooted establishment in company operations.

Key Points:

  • The session aimed to demonstrate the transformative power of digitization and automation in modernizing business practices.
  • Todd McLauchlin explored how taking the initial steps towards digitization and concluding with automation could be instrumental in reinventing business strategies for long-term success without the need for drastic foundational changes.
  • He discussed critical steps in the digital transformation journey, emphasizing how these can affect a business's ability to thrive today and into the future.
  • The talk covered the importance of understanding and implementing intelligent document processing and the impact of digitization on customer experience.
  • The meaning of digital transformation was also dissected, potentially providing attendees with practical solutions applicable to their organizations.

Highlights of Todd’s talk:

  • One of the slides addressed the 'Skills Gap,' highlighting the lack of digital skills in the current workforce and how it impedes progress in areas like data analytics, AI, or digital marketing.
  • Another highlight is 'Core Digitization Categories Impact Continuity'. It laid out essential components like Data Capture, Digital Signature, Automated Workflows, Content Management, and Print Management, which are crucial in the digital transformation of businesses.

Todd McLauchlin's talk likely provided valuable insights into how organizations could start small with digitization initiatives, progressively building towards a fully automated system, thus ensuring business continuity in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Simon Duchene: Bring Your IT Complexity Under Control


Simon Duchene, Senior Solutions Engineer at Acronis

Simon Duchene from Acronis took the stage at the iTech conference to tackle the increasing complexity of IT environments. As a seasoned professional in IT and security, Duchene's insights into SaaS-based solutions for diverse market segments added depth to the discussion.

Summary of Talk:

IT Complexity in Modern Businesses: Duchene's presentation addressed the multifaceted challenges businesses encounter due to IT complexity, from dependency on numerous protection tools to managing service provider challenges.

Cybersecurity and AI: Highlighting Acronis's role, he illustrated how innovative cybersecurity and data protection solutions could streamline IT operations and protect against modern cyber threats with the aid of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning.

Statistics and Threat Landscape: Simon provided compelling statistics, showcasing the prevalence of attacks and the increased time companies spend managing tools rather than actively defending against threats.

Integrated Cyber Protection Platform: Duchene emphasized the need for an integrated approach, showcasing Acronis's solution that combines cybersecurity, backup, disaster recovery, management, and automation built specifically for service providers.

The insights shared by Simon Duchene at the iTech conference highlight the critical need for businesses to simplify their IT operations in the face of growing cyber threats. His talk underscored the importance of adopting integrated platforms that leverage AI and machine learning to respond to threats and anticipate and prevent them, thereby bringing IT complexity under control.

Anthony Green: Generative AI - A Game-Changer in Cybersecurity Dynamics


Anthony Green, Manager of Security Operations and Compliance

Anthony Green, an adept leader in the field of cybersecurity, addressed the dynamic interplay between generative AI and cybersecurity at the iTech conference in Vancouver. With his extensive background and current role at the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia, Green brought a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the discussion.

Summary of Talk:

Introduction to Generative AI and Cybersecurity: The talk commenced with an overview of how generative AI is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape. Green elucidated the mechanisms of AI, highlighting the distinction between AI and Machine Learning (ML), and the role each plays in cybersecurity.

Current and Emerging Applications: Green provided a comprehensive look at the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) in the industry, citing examples such as GPT-4, BERT/Gemini, and the implications these have for both enhancing and complicating cybersecurity efforts.

Cybersecurity Challenges with LLMs: Addressing the double-edged nature of generative AI, the talk delved into the potential adversarial use of these technologies in cybersecurity, emphasizing the need for robust ethical considerations and integration with existing practices.

Risk Mitigation and Future Outlook: The focus shifted to risk mitigation strategies that are essential for countering the vulnerabilities introduced by AI, such as prompt injection, training data poisoning, model denial of service, and supply chain vulnerabilities. Green provided insights into preventative measures to safeguard against these risks.

The iTech conference, with speakers like Anthony Green, underscores the vital convergence of technology and security in our increasingly digital world. Green's session not only highlighted the transformative power of generative AI in cybersecurity but also served as a clarion call for the industry to adopt more resilient and forward-thinking strategies to address the sophisticated challenges of the future.

Olena Tkhorovska

Olena Tkhorovska

Chief Executive Officer