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Jane Friedmann
Jane Friedmann
on May 2nd, 2019
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Pieoneers delivers with an acclaimed team of full stack industry veterans

They can help fulfill any complex technological need and assist on product strategies and user experience.

Nathan Slee, Founder Progressa Financial Services

Software development is essentially about people and teams of people. Humans are the ones using the software, so it should make your life easier or benefit you in some way. Pieoneers is focused on people first, coding comes second. We achieve our user-centered approach through a variety of channels. As experts in web apps and mobile Android and iOS, we help you prioritize your business needs and roll-out technology with a strategic, methodical plan.

We chose Pieoneers because they had embraced mobile-first development, as opposed to their competition, which first created desktop versions and focused on mobile responsiveness afterward. It's a subtle difference, but it was important to us.

Nathan Slee, Founder Progressa Financial Services

Whereas most software development firms are happy to hand off your product directly after completion, Pieoneers takes a multi-layered approach, ensuring the ongoing success of your product. With continuous maintenance support, we are able to keep your app current and functioning optimally. Even during the app development phase, we are continuously rolling-out updates.

Our stages of development include: prototyping, automated testing, feedback, improvements, monitoring, quality assurance, and production.

Our comprehensive tech stack includes Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, DataDog, Sentry, Redis and more.

They create products for themselves, so they're more than just a development team. We were confident in the fact that Pieoneers was ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest trends. This isn't always the case. Some developers don't keep up with technology.

Nathan Slee, Founder Progressa Financial Services

At Pieoneers we are happy to provide you with a system that’s modern, striking, efficient and usable. With continuous integration and ongoing upgrades, our web and mobile apps surpass expectations to deliver intuitive user experiences with beautiful interfaces.

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Read more about how Pieonees helped Vancouver-based Progressa launch their financial mobile-first web-based application, helping their team to change the way credit-constrained consumers access credit in Canada.

Progressa is a fast-growing business – we were able to tap into a young and busy demographic. We highly recommend Pieoneers as a team of friendly and highly skilled developers, designers, and product professionals. They can help fulfill any complex technological need, assist on product strategies and user experience.

Nathan Slee, Founder Progressa Financial Services

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Jane Friedmann

Jane Friedmann

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