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The DRH Conference, Vancouver, BC brining together historians, academics and researchers from leading universities

Written by
Olena Tkhorovska
Olena Tkhorovska
on September 4th, 2022
Logos of universities on the DRH conference background

Logos of universities whose representatives attended the conference including NYU, LSE, UBC, SFU, ASU, the Citadel, Stanford, Cambridge, and Berkeley

The DRH conference took place August 29-31, 2022, in Vancouver, BC at the Fairmont Waterfront building. DRH stands for the Database of Religious History. Academics and researchers from New York University, London School of Economics, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Arizona State University, the Citadel, Stanford, University of Cambridge, and Berkeley attended the conference to share their knowledge and experience contributing to the Database of Religious History platform.

Pie blog drh collage

The DRH conference speakers including Caleb Simmons, Logan Born, Keith Knapp, Sebastian Heath, Willis Monroe.

As a technology partner to the DRH, Pieoneers has attended the conference to get insight into the daily user experience of the DRH contributors and expand their understanding of the religious and cultural history including the types of data, its structural ambiguities, its size peculiarities from large-scale data sets down to itemized questions. These insights will help improve the DRH user experience, tools for polling, search queries and analysis.

Olena with the DRH team

Olena, CEO at Pieoneers and the DRH team at the DRH Conference, Vancouver, BC including Erin Daniels, Willis Monroe, Edward Slingerland, Michael Muthukrishna.

The mission of the DRH is to create a quantitative and qualitative encyclopedia of religious and cultural history covering the whole world map. DRH brings together historians, academics and researchers from the leading universities to share their research and contribute their knowledge to the DRH platform for everyone in the field to access and analyze. The project takes its roots from the University of British Columbia with the support from Stanford, and the John Templeton foundation.

DRH logo on the map background

DRH is the global encyclopedia of religious cultural history.

The DRH conference had a collaborative spirit of a workshop where the expert audience engaged in exhaustive discussions regarding the structure of the questionnaires, collaboration with other databases, DOIs and ARKs, and more.

Ted Slingerland

Professor Ted Slingerland gives an overview of the table view of the search results

photo 2022-09-06 16.19.35 (1)

Discussion of the DRH platform. Logan Born, Ted Slingerland, Robyn Walsh, Michael Muthukrishna.

Read about how Pieoneers helped build the DRH platform in the case study.

A new phase of the DRH platform development started in June 2022. The major updates to the platform will include new polls, analysis platform, performance improvements, translation interface, architecture upgrades with Hasura, Typescript, JavaScript, upgrade the Python and Django backend, public API and much more.

You can learn more about the technology we use by reading our blog.

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Olena Tkhorovska

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