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Pieoneers provides full cycle PHP development services that enable our clients to release the full potential of their product or service. The PHP programming language allows us to build scalable web solutions with top-notch functionality. Small-scale or large projects, Pieoneers makes sure that disregarding the features complexity, your application is secure, reliable and user-friendly. If you need to improve retention rate, PHP is a great solution. It enables the creation of dynamic web pages, which load faster.

Our PHP engineers deliver creative solutions, which excel in quality and security. Using the latest PHP frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony, our tech team creates PHP solutions that match your business needs and requirements. Whether you need to create a web service from scratch or improve the existing one by rewriting old legacy code, Pieoneers is ready to create high-performing PHP solutions. Our tech team leverages reusable PHP components, making it possible to reduce development time and costs. 

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Laravel is a PHP framework, extensively used for web application development. Laravel is praised for reliability and secure integration of payment gateways, while allowing to reduce development costs. Pieoneers’ engineers take full advantage of Laravel’s features and capabilities to build secure and robust web applications.



Symfony is a full-stack web framework, consisting of PHP components. Symfony enables developers to create high-performance applications which are user-friendly and easy to scale.

Flagship Companies that Use PHP

IndustryCompany name
Social MediaFacebook
Social MediaTumblr
Content management systemWordpress
Web serviceYahoo!

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PHP Development FAQs

The PHP development cost depends on the project requirements. Please contact us for more details. We process each client’s request on an individual basis.

Pieoneers’ tech team commonly uses Waterfall and Agile development methodologies. The Agile approach is built upon iterations, which enables the  client to make adjustments throughout the project based on clearly stated design objectives for each iteration of a project. Alternatively, Waterfall methodology implies that all project details are discussed and planned in advance, and no major changes can be made along the development process without revisiting the assumptions used in the early envisioning and planning phase. Depending on the client’s needs and requirements, our development team makes a decision about which methodology is more appropriate to use.

The Pieoneers team cares about our clients’ intellectual property. Prior to beginning the development process, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality of your company’s information. Moreover, according to our contract, our client owns all of the code at the completion of the project. Get in touch to discuss how we can work with you to ensure a fair and transparent transfer of intellectual property.

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