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From UX Workshop to App Launch: The Highlights of Developing an Android Mobile App with Bluetooth Update

Written byAlex DolzhenkoAlex Dolzhenko on May 1st, 2023

RST UX workshop

Pieoneers and RST are working together to lay out the mobile application UX at a workshop using a user stories map.


Pieoneers Software Inc partnered with RST Technologies Inc, a Canadian company specializing in precision measurement instruments and custom sensor solutions for the construction, mining, and manufacturing industries, to develop a modern Android mobile app. In this blog post, we will highlight the critical elements of the project, which resulted in a highly stable and efficient mobile app that offers enhanced functionality and a modern, intuitive design.

Phase 1: Understanding User Needs and Business Goals

The project began with a discovery phase to understand RST's business goals, target audience, and user needs. Our team of software developers at Pieoneers used an iterative and incremental approach throughout the project, delivering working features for feedback and testing.

RST flowchart

An optimized RST mobile app flowchart representing the key screens and features of the application

We conducted an on-site workshop with RST Technologies Inc to gather requirements and prioritize them in the scope of work to optimize the user interaction flow and make the app intuitive.

Alex UX designer working on the RST UX workshop

UX Designer, Alex, is leading the discovery phase of the UX Workshop, explaining the process to the RST field engineers and the hardware and software engineers.

Phase 2: Developing the App with Kotlin Programming Language

Pieoneers used an agile and lean development methodology, focusing on the user experience and customer needs. Kotlin was used as the programming language to ensure stability and efficiency, with an expandable architecture for probe integration.

RST instruments collage

RST field engineer showing the legacy mobile device and software on RST Instruments premises.

The app was designed to allow modern Android mobile devices and tablets to take and review measurements with the RST MEMS Digital Inclinometer System while replacing the outdated Ultra-Rugged Field PC2 device. 

RST cable reel

RST smart cable reel and probe for soil movement testing.

Our team worked closely with the actual hardware, including the cable reel and the inclinometer probe, during the app development to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

Phase 3: Bluetooth Update and Careful Release Planning

To ensure a smooth and efficient user experience, we created a detailed app flowchart to streamline user interaction. Additionally, a careful release plan was devised to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of the app.

RST mobile digital inclinometer app

The RST digital inclinometer mobile app

With the requirement of Bluetooth compatibility, we updated the app to support the latest version. This ensured that the app has an expandable architecture that benefits RST's customers in the construction, mining, and manufacturing industries. The upgraded app provides customers with an enhanced user experience.

Conclusion: A Contemporary and User-Friendly App for Precision Measurement Instruments

Pieoneers helped RST Technologies to design and develop a modern and user-friendly app for precision measurement instruments and sensor solutions in the construction, mining, and manufacturing sectors. Our team prioritized the user experience, and customer needs using an agile and lean development methodology, resulting in a highly stable and efficient Android app developed with Kotlin. RST's customers have benefited tremendously from the app's support for current Bluetooth versions and expandable architecture. We are proud to have created an innovative mobile app that simplifies complex processes and boosts productivity for RST's customers.

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