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The New and Improved Mobile App for RST Digital Inclinometer on Android

About the Client

RST Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in precision measurement instruments and custom sensor solutions. They offer a range of inclinometers, tilt sensors, and other measuring devices for various industries such as construction, mining, and manufacturing. Their products are known for their high accuracy, reliability, and durability. They are used in various applications, such as monitoring the stability of structures, alignment, levelling, and measuring the inclination of drilling rigs.

Additionally, RST Technologies Inc is part of Terra Insights, an end-to-end platform for geotechnical, structural, and geospatial monitoring technology, which allows them to offer clients a comprehensive solution that includes data collection, analysis, and visualization.

Working Together

To achieve its objectives, RST Technologies Inc required a technology partner to support the development of its new Android mobile application. They found Pieoneers Software Inc, a leading software development company, to be the perfect partner for this project.

With a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions, RST Technologies Inc entrusted the development of their new mobile app to the team at Pieoneers. By combining the expertise of both companies, the new mobile app was developed to meet the needs of RST Technologies Inc and its customers.

Technical Implementation and Hardware Integration

RST Technologies Inc sought a reliable technology partner to assist with the creation of their Android mobile app in order to achieve their goals. After conducting thorough research, they identified Pieoneers Software Inc as the ideal partner for the project thanks to their reputation as a top software development company in Canada.


The Ultra-Rugged Field PC2, which runs on Mobile Microsoft Windows™, serves as a high-level user interface for on-site data collection/analysis and provides instant USB synchronization with office computers. It also offers onboard wireless communication options, which provide ease of use and reliability.

However, the Ultra-Rugged Field PC2 is no longer in production, and the remaining units in stock are limited and overpriced. Furthermore, expanding the functionality on the Mobile Microsoft Windows platform has become increasingly difficult and less efficient.



  • Develop a new mobile app for Android OS devices using Kotlin to replace the outdated Ultra-Rugged Field PC2 device and allow RST customers to use modern smartphones or tablets.
  • Port existing logic and calculation methods from the previous app while incorporating new calculations to enhance functionality.
  • Redesign the user experience to make interaction with the app more intuitive.
  • Implement a modern and elegant user interface that incorporates elements of RST's branding.
  • Add support for current Bluetooth versions to enhance connectivity capabilities.
  • Build an app architecture that is easily expandable and allows for integration with different versions of probes, including spiral and horizontal probes.

Process and Methodology

At Pieoneers, we follow the agile and lean development methodology to ensure that our client's requirements and their customer's user experience are always a top priority. Our process is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and responsive to changes while keeping the project on track and within budget.

The project began with an in-depth discovery phase, where we worked closely with RST Technologies Inc to understand their business goals, target audience, and user needs. This allowed us to establish a clear set of project objectives and user stories that would guide the development of the new mobile app.

Throughout the project, we used an iterative and incremental approach to development. We worked in sprints, where we would deliver working features of the app to RST Technologies Inc for feedback and testing. This allowed us to make adjustments and improvements based on feedback, as well as to ensure that the app met the needs of RST Technologies Inc and its customers.

Finally, we used Kotlin as the programming language of choice to develop the Android app, ensuring that the app was highly stable and efficient. The app was built on an expandable and easy-to-integrate architecture which allowed for the integration of different versions of probes, including spiral and horizontal probes.


Overall, our process and methodology allowed us to deliver a comprehensive and high-quality mobile app that met the needs of RST Technologies Inc and its customers.

UX and Project Planning

At Pieoneers, we understand the importance of user experience in software development. To ensure that the new mobile app for RST Digital Inclinometer met the needs of RST Technologies Inc and their customers, we conducted an on-site workshop at RST Instruments office.

During this workshop, we worked closely with RST's engineers, marketing director, and field engineers to understand their requirements and ensure that all necessary elements and requirements were captured and prioritized in the scope of work accordingly.


With the goal of optimizing the user interaction flow and making the app intuitive, we put together a detailed app flowchart. This chart helped us to identify any potential issues and make necessary adjustments before the development process even began.

As we followed an Agile and Lean development methodology, we also carefully planned the release process. This helped us to deliver the new mobile app on time and within budget.

Below is the screenshot of the app flowchart.


UI Design

The UI design for this project was a crucial aspect that required careful consideration and planning. We worked closely with the RST team to understand their design preferences and requirements.

Our goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would make it easy for RST's customers to navigate and use the app.

We achieved this by carefully crafting the layout, navigation, and user flow and incorporating seamless RST branding elements throughout the interface.

We also made sure that the design was responsive and optimized for different screen sizes and device types.


Feedback from the Client’s Engineering TeamDarren Ho, Engineer at RST Instruments Inc.

  • The Android developers incorporated the architecture for app expansion, including designs for the Spiral and Horizontal probe, with an eye toward future plans and designs.
  • Good design was incorporated in handling Bluetooth communication variances, specifically in the reel response time.
  • The introduction of the import/export feature was reasonable, given that it is difficult to introduce halfway through the design.

Results and Impact

  • The new mobile app has allowed RST Technologies Inc to replace the outdated Ultra-Rugged Field PC2 device with modern smartphones or tablets, providing their customers with more flexibility and convenience.
  • The app's improved functionality and user-friendly design have enhanced the overall customer experience.
  • Additionally, the app's support for current Bluetooth versions and easy expandability have improved connectivity capabilities and allowed for integration with different versions of probes.

Digital Inclinometer App

The RST Digital Inclinometer application is the companion app for the Digital Mems Inclinometer System. Download the Digital Inclinometer App from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store


Alexei Bobyrev

"Pieoneers has proven to be an exceptional partner for our project, thanks to their skilled mobile development team. Their ability to take ownership of the project and refine its goals to ensure maximum success was truly impressive.

I highly recommend their team of experts to any organization seeking a reliable and professional technology partner."

Alexei Bobyrev, MBA, P.Eng., Director of Engineering, RST Instruments Ltd.


The new and improved mobile app for RST Digital Inclinometer on Android has allowed RST Technologies Inc to provide their customers with a more intuitive and efficient solution. Our team of experts in engineering and software development was able to deliver a comprehensive solution that met the requirements of our client, RST Technologies Inc.

The app's improved functionality, user-friendly design, and support for current Bluetooth versions have greatly benefited RST Technologies Inc's customers.

Additionally, the app's easy expandability and integration capabilities have improved connectivity and allowed for the integration of different versions of probes. This project serves as an example of our ability to effectively deliver high-quality software solutions and our approach to fostering strong partnerships with our clients.

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