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Pieoneers Ranked #3 in The Top 100 Healthcare App Developers in Canada

Written by
Gene Dolzhenko
Gene Dolzhenko
on December 4th, 2023

The Manifest company monitors the mobile health app development market. They have done their research and published a list of the top 100 healthcare app developers in Canada with descriptions, reviews and awards. Our company Pieoneers was ranked at number 3.

Health apps serve various purposes, from monitoring diet, sleep and fitness to medication reminders. Medical professionals also use these apps to access and update medical records. When developing a mobile health app, prioritize key features such as logging in, finding a doctor, scheduling medication or appointment reminders, and tracking health conditions such as heart rate.


Speaking of technology stack, we suggest Flutter to develop Android and iOS apps. Please read one of our recent posts where we talk about the top 5 reasons to use Flutter for building applications in health and wellness.

A successful healthcare company should not only develop mobile apps, but also think about hardware: innovative equipment, wearable devices, specialized sensors, medical imaging or advanced protocols that provide up-to-date health information. Our CEO Olena Tkhorovska talks about trends and the future of medical technology, sharing her personal path to health and the health apps she uses every day.

Gene Dolzhenko

Gene Dolzhenko

Product & Project Manager