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Women's Health: Prototype Fertility Tracking App

Written by
Gene Dolzhenko
Gene Dolzhenko
on November 23rd, 2023

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. As a Product and Project Manager at Pieoneers Software, I am excited to share our latest developments. One of them is a prototype mobile application designed exclusively for women.

Modern medicine is awakening to the importance of women’s health. A growing number of health studies make sure women are equally represented. In our prototype application, we laid out an intuitive user flow to help women track their cycle, monitor their fertility and gain insights into their reproductive health.

Below, we look at the stages of the work – from concept to UI design and the technology stack.

Discussion Phase: Unveiling Functionality

Before starting work on the UX and UI, our team conducted research and held several sessions with the client to determine the app's functionality.

We recognize the importance of creating a comprehensive health tool for a woman’s busy life. We had to ensure it was easy to enter the information. Data entry and maintenance of ones cycle information can be a hassle. The quality of the insights is only as good as the input data. The ease of use is vital.


To stand out in the highly competitive space of health apps, this app stands out as it can access additional health information, such as temperature change and LH test information, to provide personalized fertility information.

UI-UX Phase: Crafting a Seamless User Experience

With ease of use in mind, we paid particular attention to creating an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface.


Prototype Fertility tracking app - Schema

Every element – from the clean and user-friendly dashboard to the easy-to-navigate menus – was designed with great care to provide a comfortable and empowering user experience.

Women's Health: Prototype fertility tracking app

Different sections of the app: calendar view, fertility predictions, and personalized insights.

Technology Stack: Harnessing Flutter and Firebase

When discussing the technology stack, we chose Flutter and Firebase to bring the concept to life. Flutter, with its cross-platform capabilities, provides a stable and high-quality app experience across Android and iOS devices.


Integrating Firebase adds an extra layer of reliability to the app by providing real-time data synchronization, secure cloud storage, and simple and secure authentication. This combination speeds up development and ensures scalability and reliability as the app evolves. In one of our recent posts, we discuss the top 5 reasons to use Flutter for building applications in health and wellness.

Beyond just building a scalable application, a successful company has to think beyond software. For a company to take the lead in the health tech market, one has to bring innovative hardware, wearables, CGM sensors, medical imaging, or refined protocols–powering the insights with relevant health information. Our CEO, Olena Tkhorovska, gives an overview of the trends and future of health tech as she describes her personal health journey and the health applications she uses every day.

Top Players in Women's Health Apps

Apps like Clue and Flo have set high standards in providing comprehensive menstrual tracking, fertility monitoring and reproductive health insights. While our app is unique, we are inspired by these established platforms that have made significant contributions to women's health.


Popular women's health apps on the App Store

Conclusion: Empowering Women Through Technology

As we went through the design stages, we were excited to think about how we could empower women. Our goal was to create a tool that not only tracks the cycles, but also helps women learn about reproductive health through relevant insights, test results, and evidence-based information. Thoughtful functionality, user-friendly design and robust technology create a meaningful combination of values – a step toward innovation in women's health.

Discuss your idea of an innovative health application with Pieoneers Software today.

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Gene Dolzhenko

Gene Dolzhenko

Product & Project Manager