Deployment and DevOps

We have an industry leading DevOps tool kit that combines infrastructure as code, containerization, and continuous integration & deployment, with top cloud providers such as GoogleCloud and Amazon Web Services.

Our DevOps Expertise:

Infrastructure as Code / Configuration Management
Terraform, Ansible

Cloud Providers
Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Heroku

Containerization (Dockerize) Web Applications and Orchestration
Kubernetes Ecosystem

Continuous Everything (Automated Integration Tests / Delivery / Deployment)
Gitlab CI / Bitrise for mobile apps

Monitoring / Logging
Sentry / DataDog / Uptime Monitoring / Fabric

Incident Management

Horizontally Scalable Microservice Architecture

Google Cloud Deployment

AWS Deployment

Our DevOps Tech Stack:

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Google Cloud

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Our DevOps Projects:

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