GameSheet Inc. revolutionized the game-tracking process by taking it digital.

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Being able to track the game using an iPad app, and having results published to league websites instantaneously, has changed the way scorekeepers and refs record events, and parents and leagues receive access to stats.

Rich Berman

Rich BermanCEO, GameSheet Inc.

Paper and iPad game sheets

What is a Game Sheet?

In sports, a game sheet is an official written record of the events occuring during a game. Traditionally kept by pen and paper, every league has their own similar, yet different version, to keep track of goals, penalties, assists, etc.

With so many people touching the gamesheet, being at the mercy of one person’s penmanship while hastily recording goals, and another’s data-entry skills while in-putting results onto league websites, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Furthermore, the time delay between different people getting access to the piece of paper means league officials are often the last to receive important notices they may need to act on swiftly, for example a penalty requiring a suspension.

Original Tech Stack

The first version of the GameSheet iPad app was written in Objective-C — the standard for native iOS app development at the time.

The Dashboard web app used a monolithic (single application) Python and Django web architecture.

The original platform was developed cost effectively and allowed GameSheet Inc. to prove the market and satisfy the needs of its initial user base. The platform carried GameSheet Inc. through its initial roll-out, to more and more house leagues, and through its adoption by larger, competitive rep. hockey leagues.

GameSheet v2 screen part 1GameSheet v2 screen part 2GameSheet v2 screen part 3

The Breakaway

In Spring 2018, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), one of the largest minor hockey leagues in the world, announced that they were adopting GameSheet Inc. as the exclusive vendor for electronic game sheets within their jurisdiction.

This was a complete game-changer for GameSheet Inc., pun intended, as their users would jump from under a thousand to the tens of thousands in a few short months.

Pieoneers got to work right away, collaborating with GameSheet on a plan to help scale their business and take their brand to the next level.

Rich Berman (GameSheet), Ian Taylor (OMHA Executive Director), Mike Kensit (GameSheet)

Rich Berman (GameSheet), Ian Taylor (OMHA Executive Director), Mike Kensit (GameSheet)

GameSheet Revamped

  1. Taking the app from a proof of concept and transforming it into a full scale production platform required a complete overhaul of the system’s architecture.
  2. After extensive load testing on the original system, Pieoneers assessed that the best way to proceed would be architecting a brand new system from scratch.
  3. Pieoneers worked closely with the team at GameSheet Inc. to discover what their users needed most, and to pinpoint critical tasks moving forward.

The NEW Tech Stack

SwiftKubernetesGoogle CloudReactVueNode JSGoPostgreSQL

The new iPad app is written in Swift, Apple’s modern language of choice, and has a completely redesigned user interface applying years of user feedback and research.

The new GameSheet Dashboard uses Cloud Native Microservice architecture deployed as a Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud hosting.

Front-end applications are written in React and Vue, and back-end services in Node.js and Go Lang. All were architected for horizontal scalability, to serve higher user loads.

The database is Postgres, using materialized views, stored procedures and advanced optimizations.


With the OMHA on board, and real prospects for generating interest from investors, GameSheet Inc. needed to update their image. Pieoneers revamped their branding materials to create a recognisable identity reflecting their values of athleticism, good sportsmanship, and advanced tech.

Logo Design

The new logo took cues from GameSheet's original design and honed the graphic into an image that could extend beyond the app’s original hockey roots and become a modern, multi-sport platform.

Logo Banners
The Surface
Logo Surface
Logo Opponents
Logo Combined
Logo variationsLogo HockeyLogo LacrosseLogo TennisLogo Basketball

Color and Type

The new branding guidelines created a fresh, modern look with bold typographic choices and a hockey-inspired color palette.

Branding ColorsBranding Fonts


The updated branding elevates GameSheet's imagery from hockey dad start-up, to advanced game-time essential.

GameSheet business cardsGameSheet hatGameSheet jersey

iPad App User Interface

The new interface design steamlined real-world user processes and refined the controls to improve user experiences. Our goal: empower users to accomplish more while doing less.

  • The new interface is optimized for ease in recording events during fast paced games.
  • Intuitive design based on paper game sheets makes the digital app easy to adopt for users of all levels.
  • The app doesn’t need wifi to record games making it available to you in any indoor or outdoor arena.

Dashboard Web App User Interface

The dashboard app lets league administrators manage their leagues, gain insights with reports, review game sheets, manage rosters, view stats & standings and much more.

GameSheet Stats

Stats can be embedded into any website, providing easy access to game scores as well as team and player standings.

  • The new widget calculates stats 50x faster than the pervious version.
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You guys have built a rocket ship!

Mike Kensit

Mike KensitPresident, GameSheet Inc.

Marketing Site Design

Pieoneers created a comprehensive marketing website detailing GameSheet’s products and services for the easy onboarding of new users.

GameSheet marketing website part 1GameSheet marketing website part 2GameSheet marketing website part 3

Growing Together

Working together to grow GameSheet from start-up venture to major-league player, we’ve built a meaningful and lasting client partnership.

We enjoy playing hockey together, sharing meals and dreaming up how to evolve, and where to conquer next.

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