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For more than a decade Stage 3 Systems has supported the shipping industry with easy-to-use, secure, common-sense software solutions. They focus on providing software that keeps tabs on crucial port call management with messaging, documentation and reporting. Around the world, both at sea and in port, the companies products help shipowners and operators collect ship data for reporting and performance monitoring.

Agency Operations System (AOS) is one of their leading products. As a multi-tenanted online platform, this application helps shipping agencies organize documentation, track vessel schedules, appointments, performance, disbursements, etc. Each application instance is branded per particular customer and thier list of clients include global companies such as Casper, Monson, PNW, Seaspan and more.

AOS UI screenshot 1

As a long time development partner, Pieoneers Software Inc has been instrumental in the success of the AOS software. We've focussed our efforts on improving the performance by decreasing server load, improving database efficiency, optimizing deployments and QA flow and reducing code rot by rewriting old legacy code to use modern frameworks and technologies.

With careful planning and tactical decisions made in concert with Stage 3 Systems, Pieoneers Software Inc modernized the AOS application by performing a complex migration from an older version of Zend PHP framework to the latest version. The Zend framework provided benefits of a modular approach and qualities needed for a high-performing PHP application. We also improved usability and added additional features to the user interface utilizing the YUI library, JavaScript, and AngularJS.


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