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  • Jevitty Life Science Corp.
  • Canada
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  • Health and Wellness
  • Healthcare
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  • Tech Strategy
  • UX-UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Integration
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  • Python, Django
  • Postgres
  • Google Cloud
  • UIKit


Ascend Sportmanagement Inc. approached Pieoneers Software Inc. with a visionary concept for a health and wellness app named Jevitty, aimed at not only extending human life but also enhancing its quality. During the project, Jevitty Life Science Corp. was created and took over as the main client. In this case study, we'll explore the various project phases, from idea and discovery to app development and the solutions provided by Pieoneers to bring the Jevitty app to life.


Client's Challenges

Jevitty faced the following challenges:

  1. 01 Develop a unique value proposition and establishing a brand identity to differentiate the app in the competitive health app market and attract new clients, while conveying the company's values and goals.
  2. 02 Create a seamless user experience focusing on wearable integration, algorithm development for insights, user-friendly interface design, and secure health data storage and medical imaging integration.
  3. 03 Ensure the scalability and security of the web app and mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, while maintaining smooth performance and seamless integration with native device features.

Proposed Solutions

Pieoneers provided the following solutions to address Jevitty's challenges:

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In-depth market analysis and product strategy development, prioritizing features and creating a comprehensive flowchart.

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Collaborative UX workshop to visualize and prioritize app features, and create the first interface and prototype screens.

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A comprehensive branding process, including logo design, graphic image selection, font and color palette choice, and creation of a brand style guide.

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Development of a high-fidelity prototype using a tailored technology stack.

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Creation of a marketing website to establish a digital presence and attract prospective clients.

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Development of production-grade web and mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, ensuring scalability, security, and seamless integration with native device features.

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Secure integration with a medical imaging system for seamless user experience and enhanced functionality.

I'm delighted about our collaboration with Pieoneers

They've really clued into a cost-effective value engineering of the digital platform. I like that the rest of my team engages well with Olena and the entire Pieoneers team. As we see things with the Jevitty app, Pieoneers grasp our mission so well they can co-create features with us.

That's when you know you have like-minded team members assembling things together, not just doing what's told but truly creating with a shared mission. Based on their successful experience with the Jevitty project and the Jevitty team, I believe anyone can expect these outstanding results from Pieoneers.

Jerry Kroll

Jerry Kroll CEO at Jevitty Life Science Corp.


Pieoneers worked closely with the Jevitty team throughout each project phase:

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Phase 1: Idea and Discovery

Ascend Sports Management, led by CEO Jerry Kroll and strategic advisor James Dean Waryk, approached Pieoneers with a visionary concept for a health and wellness app focused on extending and enhancing human life. In this phase, Pieoneers worked with the client team to define the product strategy and prioritize features.

Key aspects of the Idea and Discovery phase:

  • Define product strategy
  • Prioritize features
  • Develop a comprehensive flowchart

Achievements in this phase:

  • In-depth analysis of leading health apps
  • Differentiation of Jevitty in the competitive market
  • Identification of unique features, user experience, and value proposition

The outcomes of this phase laid a solid foundation for the subsequent stages of the project. The client named the app "Jevitty", Pieoneers facilitated the work process, moving into the branding phase and app development.

Idea and Discovery

Phase 2: UX Workshops

The Pieoneers team conducted a focused UX Workshop with James Waryk and Jerry Kroll, applying our effective project planning methodology. The workshop aimed to visualize and prioritize app features through an interactive brainstorming and decision-making process.

Key aspects of the UX Workshop included:

  • Understanding the client's requirements
  • Visualizing and prioritizing app features
  • Interactive brainstorming and decision-making

Outcomes of the workshop:

  • Finalized product strategy
  • Refined flowchart
  • App's first interface and prototype screens
  • Tailored technology stack recommendation

Clients consistently praise the Pieoneers team for our exceptional collaboration skills and expertise in guiding successful project development from idea to execution.

UX Workshops

Phase 3: Initial Branding

The goal of the initial branding process was to create a brand identity that embodied Jevitty's core principles of promoting longevity and enhancing the quality of life. The design team worked closely with the client to develop a compelling logo, select engaging graphic images, and meticulously choose fonts and colour schemes that reflected the brand's essence.

In this phase, our experienced designers worked closely with the client to develop a compelling logo, choose engaging graphic images, and establish the brand's overall visual identity. This collaborative approach ensured that the branding effectively captured the innovative and aspirational essence of the Jevitty project.

The branding deliverables included:

  • Development of a brand style guide
  • Creation of a logo and variations for different applications
  • Careful curation of an engaging graphic image library
  • Meticulous selection of fonts
  • Thoughtful choice of a colour palette that exuded elegance and timelessness

The initial branding phase was significant in establishing a solid foundation for the Jevitty brand, which would later be enhanced and fine-tuned. We take pride in our contribution to Jevitty's brand identity and feel it accurately conveys the purpose and vision of the application.

Phase 4: Mobile App Prototype

A collection of detailed wireframes and high-fidelity designs based on the Jevitty bran identity was designed to ensure the best possible user experience. Upon approval, the designs were used to create the prototype.

Technologies used in the Jevitty prototype:

  • React Native for efficient cross-platform programming
  • Aidbox/FHIR technology stack for secure data storage and administration
  • React and TypeScript for the server side, ensuring scalability and stability
  • Integration with Apple Health (Healthkit) to enable synchronizing user health data
  • React Native and Aidbox/FHIR were the best fit for the initial product needs.
  • React and TypeScript were selected to guarantee infrastructure scalability and stability.
  • Integration with Apple Health (Healthkit) was crucial for Jevitty's user data synchronization.

The Jevitty prototype provided valuable insights into app design, user experience, and business requirements. As Jevitty grew, however, technological obstacles became apparent, and the Pieoneers team analyzed the limitations of the initial technology stack.

A decision was made to utilize a native technology framework to ensure a more dynamic UI and performance, which was essential for displaying real-time data from wearables while ensuring superior security.

This phase established the groundwork for developing a dependable and scalable infrastructure, which would be crucial to the future growth and success of the app.

Phase 5: Marketing Website

The website was a critical component of Jevitty's brand strategy. Our team helped create a website that laconically conveyed the company's vision. The primary goal was establishing a digital presence to attract new clients and accurately reflect the company's values and goals.


  • Identify the essential pages and messaging needed for the website.
  • Utilize Contentful, a headless CMS, as the content platform to streamline the website creation process.
  • Design and create the key pages, including the home page, about page, app download page, portfolio and investor pages.
  • Create additional website assets, such as the investor deck and social media templates.
  • Emphasized the company's dedication to improving people's lives through lifestyle and technology in messaging and design.

Overall, the website's messaging and design emphasized the company's commitment to improving people's lives through lifestyle and technology. Jevitty was able to attract prospective clients and effectively convey its brand to the rest of the world.

Marketing Website

Phase 6: Rebranding

A brand refresh was essential to convey Jevitty’s core values and purpose better. Our team at Pieoneers collaborated closely with Jevitty to craft a revitalized brand identity that underlined their dedication to data security, privacy, and overall health and wellness.

Branding tile


Meticulously choosing typography and font styles that exuded elegance and harmonized with the fresh colour palette and timeless logo design.

Branding tile


Meticulously choosing typography and font styles that exuded elegance and harmonized with the fresh colour palette and timeless logo design.

Branding tile

Brand Guide

Meticulously choosing typography and font styles that exuded elegance and harmonized with the fresh colour palette and timeless logo design.

The reinvigorated branding effectively communicated Jevitty's mission and principles, attracting new users and investors. The updated identity was instantly recognizable, dynamic, and impactful, laying a robust foundation for Jevitty's ongoing pursuit of transforming societal perceptions of aging and health.

Phase 7: Application Development

Jevitty platform development was a multifaceted endeavour requiring time, effort, and expertise. Pieoneers team employed cutting-edge and proven technologies to create a seamless, powerful, and reliable experience across various platforms.

Key components of the development process included:

  • Build an iOS app with SwiftUI, allowing for a smooth and native user experience on Apple devices.
  • Craft an Android app using Kotlin, ensuring optimal performance on Android devices.
  • Design a robust architecture utilizing Google Cloud, Google Firebase, and Google Healthcare for a secure and scalable infrastructure.
  • Develop a responsive web app leveraging Node.js, Go Lang, Typescript, and React, delivering a seamless experience across devices.
  • Achieve balance between innovation and reliability. Our team's expertise allowed us to navigate the technological complexities while prioritizing the platform's growth and budget allocation.

This collaborative approach allowed us to set the stage for the application's continued growth and success in revolutionizing the health and wellness landscape, always keeping the human experience at the heart of our development process.

Phase 8: Medical Imaging Integration

Supporting Jevitty's focus on health span, we facilitated the seamless integration with to provide users with secure access to their medical imaging data within the mobile app.

Key aspects of the integration:

  • Utilize REST APIs to establish a reliable and efficient connection between the Jevitty app and the platform.
  • Ensure the highest level of security and privacy when sharing medical images and detailed body composition reports.
  • Enable users to easily track their progress by comparing multiple scans over time, highlighting the differences between past and current scans.
  • Convenient access to essential health information to help users make informed lifestyle decisions and proactively work towards a healthier future.

In summary, this accessible platform thoughtfully combines vital health data, assisting users in making well-informed decisions about their health and well-being and ultimately supporting the project's goal of enhancing health span.

Partnering with Pieoneers on the Jevitty app development was an outstanding choice

What impressed me the most was their courage to address complex challenges and their dedication to upholding a well-organized work process. Their seasoned expertise and ability to harmoniously combine creativity with technical proficiency played a vital role in realizing our vision.

The Pieoneers team's commitment to our mission and their steadfast support throughout the project have been genuinely inspiring. I wholeheartedly endorse them for any software development endeavour that requires excellence and innovation.

James Dean Waryk

James Dean Waryk Advisor at Jevitty Life Science Corporation


The collaboration between Pieoneers and Jevitty Life Science Corp. resulted in the successful launch of the Jevitty app, with the following outcomes:

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A unique value propositionand feature set, differentiating Jevitty in the competitive health app market

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An intuitive user experiencewith seamless wearable integration and insightful algorithms

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A comprehensive branding process, including logo design, graphic image selection, font and color palette choice, and creation of a brand style guide.

Result icon

A compelling brand identitythat effectively communicates the company's purpose and vision

Result icon

A scalable, responsive prototypethat formed the groundwork for future growth and success

Result icon

A professional marketing websitethat attracts new clients and accurately conveys the company's values and goals

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Mobile apps for iOS and Androidplatforms with high performance, smooth UX, and seamless integration with native device features

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A robust and scalable web appproviding excellent user experience and content management capabilities

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Secure medical imaging integration,enabling users to access their body composition reports and images seamlessly within the app


By partnering with Pieoneers, Jevitty successfully turned their ambitious vision for a health and wellness app into a reality. This fruitful collaboration throughout all project phases led to the development of the Jevitty app. This innovative and impactful app distinguishes itself in the competitive health app market, laying the foundation for future growth and success.

With its inspiring brand identity, seamless mobile app, and a robust architecture, Jevitty is well-equipped to advance its mission of transforming society's perspective on aging and health while appealing to new users and investors.


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