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An iOS App to Help Users Find Better Cannabis

The Goal

An iPhone App with a Superior User Experience

The goal of the Cannametrics iPhone app is to optimize the cannabis experience, by creating a database where details about past encounters with each strain are personalized to the individual user, and provide insights about future use.

When designing the Cannametrics mobile app, our overaching goal was to make it quick, fun and simple to use, thereby enhancing the overall cannabis experience. We assisted Cannametrics from A to Z with deliverables including: creating a development roadmap, naming & branding, product development, and building a mobile app prototype.


How It Works

An Innovative Personal Algorithim that Pairs your Past Experiences to the Custom Signature of each Cannabis Strain

By crossing user-data with the properties of each strain, Cannametrics helps users get the experiences they are looking for, without unwanted side effects.

This scientific approach eliminates many of the fears people have about trying a new strain of cannabis, or when trying cannabis for the first time. User-friendly data collection & analytics help tailor cannabis experiences to a person’s unique needs.

How It Works

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Brand Identity


Mobile App Prototype

The Roadmap

From User Discovery & Market Research to an Advanced Mobile App Prototype

The Beginning

When Eric Jacobsen, Founder at Cannametrics, first came to us, it was with an inspired idea and some initial supporting data — Cannametrics hadn’t even been named yet!

We were with them from the very beginning, working together to launch the product from the ground up.

Eric Jacobsen
The Questions

The first set of questions we asked laid out the plan and defined the goals for the project:

  • Who are the target users?
  • Will they pay for the app or will it be free?
  • How will it be released to market?
  • How are we going to collect the data needed to populate the graphs?
The Project

The outputs we decided on together were: a database, a mobile app, and an integration that could flow to cannabis retailer websites.


With the strategic plan in place, partnering with retailers to acquire data was only logical. We could offer rewards, discounts, or any other variety of other perks to get cannabis shoppers to contribute to our database of experiences.

The naming excercise

The next step was coming up with a name. When the client came to us, they were playing around with the idea of “Experience Signature.”

After completing a naming exercise, which generated several options, the client ran them by a focus group and decided on:


With the name and roadmap in place, Pieoneers got to work on branding, UI design, and tech, collaborating with Cannametrics every step of the way.

Developing a Truly Unique Brand Identity

The Requirements

The main goal with the Cannametric brand identity was to make the app fun and engaging, while remaining true to the founders’ data-driven roots. Above all, it had to stand out amongst the competitors.

The Logo

The Cannametrics logo combines imagery of individual cannabis users, with their unique experieces, and statistical graphs, evoking the scientific nature of the data.

The eye-popping green stands out amongst the competition, making Cannametrics a visually competitive brand.


The app icon was an easy evolution of the logo, generating a tight, cohesive and easily recognizable brand.

Brand colours

Primary colours of black and green made the brand visually distinguishable, while secondary colours of blue, red and yellow helped to codify metrics for easily readable tables and graphs.

Typography selection

The selected typeface is unique yet easy to read, and playful yet geometric and scientific in its simplicity.


Finally, illustrations breathe life into graphs, and make the app fun and easy to use.

Branding in use

Additional branding assets make Cannametrics visible in any setting, from trade shows to industry events, even repping the brand with custom tees.


Development Architecture of the Cross-Platform App

Development Architecture of the Cross-Platform App

Developing the Cannametrics app centred around isolating the minimally viable features.

After determining which features were essential to launching the minimally viable product, we moved onto generating the user flow; deciding where to place each feature in order to add the most value to the user experience.

The iPhone app Prototype

Continuing on with storyboarding and wireframes, we were able to construct an initial app prototype which met the needs of both our client and their users.

Cannametrics UI Screens

Project Outcomes

  • Planning
  • Brand Identity
  • App Design
  • Database Schema
  • Tech Stack Selection
  • Investor Pitch Deck
Eric Jacobsen

Thanks to expertly organized project management and skilled team members that take ownership of the project and refine its goals to ensure maximum success, Pieoneers has proved to be an excellent partner so far. Their multi-disciplinary acumen has been a welcome addition to the engagement.

Eric Jacobsen, Co-Founder & CEO, Cannametrics

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