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Mental Health Management App for iPadOS and iOS

An innovation-driven native app designed and built for psychotherapists and patients

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  • Delta Autumn Consulting
  • Oxford, MS, USA
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  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental Health
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  • Tech Strategy
  • UX-UI Design
  • Mobile App Development
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  • Swift
  • SwiftUI
  • PencilKit
  • FaceID


Delta Autumn is a psychological services consulting in Oxford, Mississippi. The office offers a broad range of services, including psychological treatment, assessment, and continuing education for healthcare providers.

Their treatment approach is based on the most up-to-date scientific research to ensure the best possible chance to achieve positive therapy results.


Client's Challenges

Delta Autumn was motivated to resolve the common challenges in the industry and bring seamless user experience to therapists and their patients through innovative therapy interface.

  1. 01 The client emphasized the need to create a user-friendly and understandable user interface so that therapists and patients could use the app without any complications or ambiguities.
  2. 02 A seamless and error-free user interface was required so that there were no issues related to Apple device model or software version.
  3. 03 The client required a robust technology stack that complies with industry standards and ensures the application will be future-proofed. It was also essential to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS.

Therapy App Solutions

Pieoneers provided the following solutions to address Delta Autumn's app Design and Development needs:

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UX-UI Design for Enhanced User Experience

Our team prioritized the user experience by crafting an intuitive and visually appealing design for the client's tablet and mobile application.

This involved meticulous UX-UI design for both iPhone and iPad platforms, ensuring a seamless and intuitive interaction for therapists and patients.

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Utilizing SwiftUI for Seamless UI Implementation

To elevate the user interface to the next level, we leveraged Apple's cutting-edge framework, SwiftUI.

This allowed for the swift and efficient implementation of the designed interface and ensured a native and consistent look and feel across iOS devices.

Native libraries, including PencilKit and FaceID helped achieve effortless experience.

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Native Mobile App Development with Swift

Our team embraced Apple's Swift programming language to develop a robust and high-performance mobile application.

We maximized the application's responsiveness and efficiency. Swift's versatility and advanced features facilitated the creation of a powerful and reliable mobile solution.

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Pieoneers worked with us to translate our clinical vision and web-based product into, development of a HIPAA-compliant mobile application. The end result leveraged their technical expertise to build a user-friendly interface that enhances many aspects of psychotherapy service provision.

At Delta Autumn, our mission is to advance the field of psychotherapy through innovative technology made by therapists, for therapists. The 'Sessions from Delta Autumn' app, developed in collaboration with Pieoneers, is a HIPAA-compliant, customizable tool that allows therapists to organize and navigate their sessions with patients efficiently and securely.

John Young

Dr. John Young Executive Consultant at Delta Autumn Consulting

Working with Pieoneers brought our vision into reality through:

HIPAA Compliance Ensuring HIPAA compliance was paramount. Pieoneers adeptly integrated this requirement, delivering a tool that not only meets rigorous standards but also offers extensive customization to suit the unique needs of therapists.

Intuitive Design The app’s user interface is both intuitive and engaging, making it accessible to therapists of varying technological proficiencies. This ease of use enhances the therapeutic experience, allowing practitioners to focus more on the patient and less on administrative tasks.

Cross-Device Accessibility Recognizing the diverse technology use in healthcare, Pieoneers ensured that the app works flawlessly across both iPads and iPhones. This flexibility is crucial for therapists who require seamless access to their tools, whether in the office or on the move.

Impactful Collaboration The partnership with Pieoneers was characterized by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. They demonstrated strong capability to understand and execute on our complex requirements, which has resulted in a secure, user-friendly end product.

If you are a health and wellness organization looking to engage in similar development projects, Pieoneers may be of assistance. Their expertise in implementing solutions for our unique needs has been instrumental in helping us move closer to our goal of transforming psychotherapy for the better.

Bridging to Mobile: Expanding Compatibility to iPhones

In response to the evolving needs of Delta Autumn, a pivotal decision was made to extend the reach of the mobile application beyond iPads to include iPhones. This strategic shift arose from the client's recognition of the growing trend among users to engage with applications seamlessly across various iOS devices.

The initial development phase had exclusively targeted iPads, tailoring the user interface and experience for the larger screens. However, as the client foresaw the increasing demand for flexibility and convenience, the decision was made to make the application accessible on iPhones, aligning with the preferences of a broader user base.

Our development team took on the task of optimizing the app for iPhone screens without compromising the rich user experience designed initially for iPads. This involved a meticulous adjustment of the UI elements, ensuring a coherent and intuitive design that seamlessly translated to the smaller form factor while maintaining the app's core functionalities.

Pieoneers' adept integration of tablet and mobile clients with our complex back-end systems showcases expert technical synergy and excellence. Their skill in navigating complex systems makes them perfect for any project seeking innovative digital healthcare projects.

Teaming up with Pieoneers on the 'Sessions from Delta Autumn' app presented an opportunity to blend my back-end expertise with their cutting-edge design and mobile development skills. Our collaboration was marked by Pieoneers' exceptional ability to integrate with the complex back-end systems I developed. Here's a breakdown of our synergistic effort:

Aaron Norris

Aaron Norris Software Developer at Delta Autumn Consulting

Back-End Foundation My work focused on Node.js and Express.js for server-side logic, MongoDB Atlas for database management, and RESTful APIs for seamless communication between the app and the server.

Front-End Integration Pieoneers skillfully integrated their front-end design and development with these technologies, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience on both iPadOS and iOS devices.

Technology Synergy The collaboration required Pieoneers to deeply understand the back-end technologies I used. Their adeptness at this integration facilitated a seamless, error-free environment for users across different Apple devices.

Cross-Platform Performance Pieoneers' commitment to optimizing the app for both iPads and iPhones, without sacrificing performance or user experience was crucial. They navigated the intricacies of my back-end setup to deliver an app that performs flawlessly on any device.

The success of 'Sessions from Delta Autumn' is a testament to what can be achieved when back-end robustness meets front-end innovation. Pieoneers proved to be developers and true tech partners, demonstrating an impressive understanding of the technologies underpinning the project. Their ability to translate complex back-end frameworks into a user-friendly mobile experience sets them apart. Pieoneers is the team to collaborate with for any project requiring meticulous attention to both design and technical integration.

App Development Results

The collaboration between Pieoneers and Jevitty Life Science Corp. resulted in the successful launch of the Jevitty app, with the following outcomes:

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A scalable, responsive prototype that formed the groundwork for future growth and success

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A unique value proposition and feature set, differentiating Jevitty in the competitive health app market

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An intuitive user experience with seamless wearable integration and insightful algorithms


The collaboration on the Sessions app between Delta Autumn and Pieoneers has substantially advanced the field of psychological services through innovative technological integration.

Pieoneers is proud to have contributed significantly to this project by developing a highly intuitive and efficient mobile application, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and enhancing the overall user experience for both therapists and patients.

This project has not only fulfilled the strategic vision of Delta Autumn but also set a new standard for digital tools in healthcare, demonstrating what can be achieved when technical expertise is aligned with client-centred innovation.

The successful implementation of this project underscores Pieoneers' commitment to excellence and their capability in transforming complex visions into functional and impactful digital solutions.


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