Viva 10.23 Apparel: Illustration, Graphics & Typography

This newly born clothing brand with a 10-year-long history stands for more than just fashion, quality and comfort. Freedom to share, freedom not be spied on and information without borders are the values on which this brand was built on.

Right upon closing of his online content sharing giant isoHunt, Gary Fung and his business partner Clifford Joe decided to take on a new mission and promote their key values through the statements designed and printed on quality clothes items. Meant to be worn every day, these messages are to become effective reminders and thought stimulators among all age groups and ethnicities.

As a team, Pieoneers Software Inc tackled the task of creating a unique identity, key branding elements and individual yet recognizable design styles for the value statements.

Since the brand takes its deep roots from a peer-to-peer torrent network, a ‘progress bar’ is an integral part of the logo. It symbolizes the big idea of sharing and freedom to do so. Both the horizontal and circular progress bar designs made it to production.

The red “zero” in the logo is another hint. The clue is also present in a more obvious form on of the shirt designs. Both the red circle and the eye symbolize HAL 9000, the villain computer constantly watching over the crew in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Viva Print 1

One of the designs explicitly calls out to the users and fans of isoHunt, where the original logo is tweaked into changing the “hunt” part into “hurt”.


The idea of sharing is conveyed through the logo present on each shirt. The “Gary-Obama” explicitly shirt calls out to just this one value.

Gary Obama Print

Other designs include “We will not be silenced”, “Information without borders”, “Freedom to share”.

Viva Print 2
Viva Print 3
Viva Print 4

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