Mobile & Web Applications

Whether your app is mobile or web-based, Pieoneers offers a full cycle of application development. Every step from refining idea and requirements to writing code and documentation is done in close collaboration with you. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, and have fulfilled a wide range of business needs.

Ruby on Rails Development

We firmly believe that Ruby on Rails is the best way to build a web application. The Ruby ecosystem offers a plethora of battle-hardened components for security and performance. Rails is a perfect foundation for either rapid prototyping or mature businesses.

Web Development

In order to stay on the edge of the web technologies our team members learn and experiment with programming languages and frameworks. Some of us have come to Rails from Python, .NET or even PHP. Therefore, don't hesitate to hire us whichever technology you're currently on.

Mobile Development

When the web isn’t just enough, our iOS and Android development expertise comes in handy. After numerous successful launches behind our belt we’re proud to offer you beautiful mobile apps backed by top-notch back ends.

High-Availability & High-Load Solutions

Some organizations require high availability of their systems to perform routine daily activities. Being Erlang experts we design and build redundant fault-tolerant apps for factories, power plants, transport systems and hospitals.

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