When you think of a photo booth you might imagine something old school and shabby but only if you've never heard of Booth. Getthebooth does not just look good, it is revolutionizing the whole photo booth experience by making it interactive and social. The challenge was to create both a hardware a software solution to extract images from the booth camera through the built-in computer to the interactive iPad app and then to the web server implemented in Ruby on Rails to enable instant photo sharing on Facebook and Twitter.


The innovative and fresh experience is valued by many companies


We started by researching and comparing software and hardware alternatives that would work for various types of events and locations.

Discovery bubble 3

Discovery bubble 2

Discovery bubble 1

Then we designed the consumer facing part of the iPad app.


And the admin side of the iPad app.


The upgraded booth experience is creating new smiles and silly faces that are instantly shared and enjoyed by your friends online.

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