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Web App Design & Development for a Mobile-first Email Marketing Platform

Fellow Cosmonauts Web Technologies Inc.

Client location: Vancouver, BC

Flowmail is an ambitious startup from Vancouver, BC. Founded by serial entrepreneur, Jon Thorpe, Flowmail delivers a simple yet powerful solution to email campaign management. The company focuses on providing an effortless platform for business owners and marketers to stay in touch with their customers, improving repeated sales and creating loyalty. Flowmail delivers, with a sleek built-in responsive interface, easy-to-use tools and top-notch tech behind the scenes.


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UX & Visual design

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Optimization of Designs for Mobile

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Front-End & Web Development

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Email Delivery Service

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Behind the Scenes

Mindmaps for App System Design

Mindmapping is an effective way we transform thoughts and ideas into actionable documentation. It is a crucial step in the beginning of a project.

Mindmap slide

Sketch Interface Concepts

Sketching is great to test ideas and weed out the ones that won’t work.

Sketch slide

Web App Development Process

Our development is driven by the goal to create a fast, reliable and secure application that surpasses the end consumer’s expectations.

Development slide

Test and Launch Final Application

Seeing the final product in action, shows how a great idea, executed by an experienced team with a proven process, yields fantastic results.

Final slide

State of the Art Web Application

Design-wise, the main idea of the app is to bring the content to the front by eliminating distractions and showing only what’s necessary. From the very first screen, the app’s user interface reveals only the things that are relevant at that particular moment.

Sign In screen
Subscribers screen
Campaigns screen

Newsletter Editor

The Flowmail newsletter editor is the quintessence of the product and its core element. Its power is in its simplicity:

  • zero distractions — focus on your content instead of the interface.
  • no room for mistakes — intentional scarcity of design options results in your emails looking clean and elegant.
  • fast and easy to use — save your time for more important things in life.

Simply beautiful newsletters

All Flowmail emails:

  • are optimized for mobile and tablet
  • work great on desktop, too
  • are CASL and Can-Spam compliant
  • look awesome!
Email example
Email example
Email example
Email example


An effortless experience for business users.

Creating a newsletter has never been easier. An email campaign can be launched from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Flowmail provides an unparalleled experience that simplifies the busy lives of business owners and marketers.

Mobile-first user interface start to finish.

Flowmail was meticulously designed as a cross-platform application to ensure seamless usage across all major device categories. More importantly, it’s not just the application but the newsletters that are optimized for mobile-first interaction, resulting in open and click-through ratios that are 25% higher thanother emails.

A Modern Scalable Web Stack.

Flowmail has to be scalable. It has to remain online and delivering email no matter what. It also can't stand still and has to be steadily improved. So, while produced by Pieoneers was in production serving the new users, the new, in-house Flowmail team began writing the second version in Elixir withthe Phoenix Framework.

Jon Thorpe

“Flowmail is all about simplicity and ease of use, and therefore UI and UX play a critical role within our application. With the help of Pieoneers, we have been able to create an application that balances features and usability so that anyone can create an effective email newsletter”.

Jon Thorpe, CEO at Fellow Cosmonauts Web Technologies Inc.