Our clients are new and mature businesses whose success is dependant on their online presence, user interface, web and mobile applications.


A Different Kind Of Lender. Progressa helps Canadians improve their financial future by providing a second chance at credit.

GameSheet Inc.

Transforming how the games you play are tracked. The Gamesheet is digital score keeping and record management for the 21st century.


The largest photo booth company in Canada offering social sharing. Visually stunning on the outside and seriously high tech on the inside.

Hootsuite Media, Inc.

Social media management dashboard seamlessly integrated with the world’s leading social networks.


Tracking efficiency becomes critical when transporting three hundred tonnes of cargo per vessel run by shipping giants.

TED & TEDxKyiv

TEDx conferences are independently organized TED events that run in most large cities of the world.

Pocket Book

Top 5 electronic reader manufacturer that values freedom of formats and productivity in reading.

Navarik Corp.

Data, analytics and shipping logistics on the global crude oil and petroleum movements.

Viva 10.23 Apparel

A freedom-minded apparel brand with a mission to ignite change and take it beyond the online world. Creating fashion with a statement.


A leader in shipping expertise and cutting-edge technology software products on a mission to make marine industry more efficient.

BildList Platform

View newly built houses and complete renovation projects in your neighbourhood and choose from construction professionals.


Progressa is a leading alternative lender focused on helping its customers improve their credit score and financial health.


A leading social network in Europe and beyond. VK is superior in its technologies & offers integrations with useful tools such as Hootsuite.

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